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You have come to the right spot to sell your Maserati. Spot Auto specializes in buying all years and models of Maserati vehicles. Don’t accept dealership low ball offers. Come to Spot Auto and receive a fair offer for your car today. Spot Auto is currently seeking to buy your Maserati; and is in high demand for specific models such as the Maserati LeVante, Maserati Quattroporte, and Maserati Ghibli.

Maseratis History

Maserati had its beginnings out of Italy when three brothers, Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto Maserati, opened a car workshop in 1914.In 1926, the brothers developed the first Maserati vehicle, the Tipo 26. Adolfo Orsi, an entrepreneur from Modena, later purchased Maserati from the brothers in 1937. In 1947 the first daily use Maserati, the A6 1500 which was designed by Pininfarina, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Later on, in the 60’s the first Quattroporte and Ghibli were introduced, leading way to the modern offerings seen today. In 1993, a historic partnership between Maserati and Ferrari was formed. Today, Maserati not only makes sports cars, but also offers family vehicles such as the Maserati LeVante.

Interesting fact about Maserati

Did you know that the trident logo was inspired by the statue of Neptune in the company’s birthplace of Bologna?

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