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You have come to the right spot to sell your Lotus. Spot Auto specializes in buying all years and models of Lotus vehicles. When selling a specialty vehicle such as a Lotus, going to a car dealer is a mistake. Spot Auto specializes in rare and exotic vehicles. Speak with one of our agents to receive a quote when selling your vehicle. We pay top dollar and provide funding on the spot! Spot Auto is currently seeking to buy your Lotus; and is in high demand for specific models such as the Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora, and Lotus Exige.


Lotus is a British automotive company that was founded by Engineer Colin Chapman in 1952. It primarily started as a means for feeding his racing habit. Lotus was Ferrari’s main rival on the racetrack or many years. Since then, Lotus has focused on building light weight sports vehicles for race enthusiasts around the world.

Interesting fact about Lotus

Did you know that all Lotus vehicles begin with the letter “E”? The Elite started the trend of vehicles beginning with the letter E. From there, Lotus has produced the Evora, Evija, Exige, Europa, Elise, Esprit, and Elan.

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