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You have come to the right spot to sell your Genesis. Spot Auto specializes in buying all years and models of Genesis vehicles. As a Genesis owner, you demand the finest in luxury at a reasonable price. Spot Auto is prepared to make sure you receive top dollar when selling your high-end vehicle. Spot Auto is currently seeking to buy your Genesis; and is in high demand for specific models such as the G70, G80, and G90.

Genesis History

As a newer brand, Genesis was launched in 2017 with the Genesis G90 [1]. With design done is Germany, USA, and South Korea and production in South Korea, its no wonder that the Genesis was named the most dependable brand in 2020. Branching from Hyundai as a luxury brand, Genesis has slowly been adding cars to its lineup including electric vehicles.

Interesting fact about Genesis

Did you know that Genesis was designed to appeal to millennials [2]? Their goal was to connect and teach the younder generation luxury and to associate that with Genesis.

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