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You have come to the right spot to sell your Chrysler. Spot Auto specializes in buying all years and models of Chrysler vehicles. Chrysler is known as a well engineered American automobile, and Spot Auto pays top dollar for this quality. Spot Auto is currently seeking to buy your Chrysler; and is in high demand for specific models such as the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler 300. Fill out our form or reach out to our team and sell your Chrysler to our team. We will get you a real-time offer within a day!

Chrysler’s History

Founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler from the remains of the Maxwell Motor Company [2], Chrysler has been owned by many brands including Daimler-Benz. Currently part of Stellantis North America, Chrysler continues to offer premium automobiles all over the world. With major contributions to the auto industry such as electronic fuel injection in 1957, Chrysler has established itself as a major part of American auto manufacturing in the twentieth century. However, recent financial troubles have seen the brand dwindle down to offering only two models currently.

Interesting fact about Chrysler

Did you know that Chrysler invented the car body type of the minivan in the 1970’s? It was the oil crisis of the 1970’s that led Chrysler engineers to develop an automobile with better fuel economy. This automotive form factor was later emulated by other manufacturers after Chrysler’s success with the minivan.

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