frequently asked questions

Selling your car online with Spot Auto is the most pain free way of getting top dollar for your vehicle without the usual hassles of advertising your car in local ads or online. The process is effortless. Either contact an agent at 855-SPOTAUTO or complete the online for at Within no time you will be talking to a real person to discuss the details and condition of your vehicle.

Unlike other online car selling companies, every customer who we talk to gets an actual offer that they can count on. Spot Auto will not try to knock the price down after inspection due to normal wear and tear like our competitors do. Once you agree on a price, simply bring your vehicle in or schedule to have it picked up with the Spot Auto agent and receive payment on the spot!

Selling your car to Spot Auto takes the headache out of selling your car. There is not need to incur unnecessary expenses related to fixes, detailing, or listing your car online. Simply complete the over the phone or online questionnaire, receive a real offer and get paid on the spot. No gimmicks, no hassle!

Spot Auto does buy non-operable cars. We call such vehicle junk cars or cash clunkers. Trading in your junk car to Spot Auto can make you eligible for a tax credit, which ends up saving you more money on your new vehicle purchase. Spot Auto offers free transportation for most junk cars, depending on the vehicle location.

Unfortunately, Spot Auto does not accept cars that are not titled in the seller’s name. If you do not own the vehicle, you must have the current owner sign over the title to you prior to selling the car to Spot Auto. For more information, contact your state DMV to get more information on re-assigning a title that is not yours. As always, we are also here to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call us at 855-SPOTAUTO.

Yes. Spot Auto can help you sell your deceased relative’s car. There are a couple of steps to do this. Depending on what state you are in, you will need an original death certificate, and a document showing that you control the estate of the deceased. An example of such a document is a Power of Attorney (POA).

Yes. As long as you’re an officer of the company, or a person on the articles of incorporation. Spot Auto will buy a single vehicle or an entire fleet. Spot Auto is constantly buying fleet vehicles from various industries such as ground transportation, manufacturing, construction, HVAC, an much more. There is no easier way to sell company owned vehicles or fleets. Come to Spot Auto today!

Yes. In most cases, Spot Auto is able to buy your lease. Spot Auto takes care of most of the headache and paperwork involved in buying out your lease, so you don’t have to. A big benefit of selling your leased vehicle to Spot Auto is that you do not have to worry about vehicle over-mileage, damage, or early termination fees. We will take your car as is. You may even receive cash to turn in your lease if your vehicle has enough equity at the time of sale. 

Yes. Spot Auto will buy any financed vehicle and make the payoff for you. Once you come to Spot, we will evaluate your car and contact your financial institution for a final payout number. If our assessed value is above your vehicle payoff, then there is nothing more to do. If you owe considerably more on the vehicle than it is worth, then you may have to put money out of pocket. Every situation is different, so contact us at 855-SPOTAUTO to talk to an agent that can help you through the process. Once everything is agreed on and ready to go, then we will be able to draw up the necessary paperwork, and get the process rolling. 

Yes. Spot Auto does purchase vehicles with aftermarket parts such as turbos, exhaust, intakes, etc. We may ask for receipts, and the vehicle will need to be inspected before Spot Auto is able to make an accurate offer.

Once Spot Auto is able to verify that they will receive a clear title, which in most instances is within the same hour of doing the deal, we will be able to wire you your payment on the spot! If you prefer other forms of payment, please let your Spot Auto agent know and we will be sure to accommodate.

Once you hand in a proper title or Spot Auto is able to verify through our dealer management systems that we will receive a transferable title, payment will be made on the spot! We can provide various forms of payment such as cash, bank wire, certified check, or a company check. We also can apply that money towards a new vehicle for a tax credit. Don’t wait three to seven business days to receive a check from the competition. Come into Spot Auto and get paid today.

Yes. Spot Auto can buy your car, whether it be a financed, leased, or you have a credit line on your commercial fleet. We will get an official payoff from your auto loan finance company, and do the leg work to figure out your equity situation. Once everything is calculated, we pay off your loan, and figure out what payment you receive.

Many customers have issues with being in a negative equity situation on their vehicle. Spot Auto has been able to help in most situations. We are able to get you a new loan, or we can make the payoff, and you can provide the difference in negative equity.

Yes. Spot Auto will pay cash for most cars, whether junk cars, or newer/used vehicles. We can pay you however is most comfortable for you.

Spot Auto and its team have been involved in thousands of transactions from motorcycles, commercial vehicles, hybrids, EV’s, hyper, and supercars. We have plenty of data of our own to make sure we offer you the right money for your vehicle. Rest assured, you will receive the most reasonable offer for your vehicle from Spot Auto.

Spot Auto will do a contactless inspection at first to make sure we make it worth your while to move forward. We do require a physical inspection when it comes to exchanging funds for final payment. No matter where you are in the US, Spot Auto will be sure to make the inspection process as easy and pain free as possible. Contact one of our agents at 955-SPOTAUTO or complete an online questionnaire at to get the inspection process started.

No. Spot Auto is only able to keep offers valid for 7 days. Sometimes your vehicle will go up in value, but a lot of the times the values tend to decrease over time. We ask the customer to request a new valuation if they are not able to complete the transaction within 7 days of their last offer.